Basmedia offers centralized and decentralized playout. Our fully redundant and automated playout center complements Basmedia's production, supply and distribution services, and offers a ‘One Stop Shop’ for international as well as small local broadcasters that require high quality end-to-end media delivery solutions.

The well-trained team of Basmedia offers state-of-the-art services for content management, digital archiving, content localization, digitalization, disaster recovery, over-the-top content, and additional related services.

Customers can choose from a fully managed server-based, remotely controlled, hosted, or co-located services to manage the playout and distribution of content.


Playout services can include:
• Fully automated media origination, management and operation 24/7
• Fully digital technical infrastructure with advanced 24/7 monitoring and quality measurements
• Media Asset Management (MAM) to manage overall operations and reports of the center
• Automated and manual QC
• Digitalizing tape/based media archives to file-based
• Subtitling
• On-air graphic creation and insertion
• Channel time delay
• Storage
• The integration of live and commercial feeds into playlists
• Digital Archive
• Disaster recovery


Our highly dedicated, well-trained professional teams of technicians and engineers work hard to ensure you a 24/7 worry-free delivery that guarantees your comfort and trust in our services.