The ingest is critical to the success of any project. The value of media assets for both broadcast and archival purposes is directly related to how they are ingested. Problems and deficiencies that occur at this stage can be difficult, time-consuming and costly to remedy later on. Basmedia offers a high-quality, high-volume media ingest service for broadcast and media environments.

Basmedia is capable of producing superior quality video material in real-time from virtually any video source, broadcast stream or IP stream. In SD, HD, 3D and even UHD/4K.


Quality is of paramount importance for broadcast production, and is even more critical in archiving media that is expected to survive for decades or longer. For most organizations, it is also prudent to consider such factors as costs and storage requirements in order to determine the best format and acceptable levels of compression for archival material.

Together with you, we will find the perfect balance between quality, storage and costs. Storage requirements and costs are kept low without compromising the broadcast quality standards. Ingested media are available in an open, industry-standard format for seamless integration with asset management systems, video servers, editorial systems and other production processes.