Every client has a personal vision and way of working. Basmedia Services understands that.

Basmedia Services specializes in customized solutions for all your media and AV issues. Whether it concerns an edit suite, a TV studio, or a fully automated playout: Basmedia Services provides consulting, design, construction, implementation, maintenance and support services.

A thorough inventory of your needs lies at the foundation of our solutions. Our solutions can be deceptively simple, but we also produce very complex, custom-made tools for more demanding solutions. You can benefit from our extensive experience with a wide variety of clients. Let yourself be surprised by what Basmedia Services can do for you.


During the installation phase, you can get to know our specific way of working. With a high degree of flexibility and commitment, Basmedia provides the transition to the new situation, and.then remains involved to fine-tune the new workflow to perfection.


Lastly, you have the option to make clear agreements with Basmedia Services about maintenance or other support activities. Please contact us for the outsourcing of certain activities as well. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with our clients. Ultimately, you are the one who decides what service by Basmedia Services looks like!


For more information, please contact us. We are happy to get to know you in person!