Bas Ardesch

Since childhood Bas has always loved being busy with everything that has to do with radio and television. He succeeded to make his passion work for him.


Jonathan Both

A real artist who can create a complete production from one still image, Jonathan finished his education television and media production with an internship at Basmedia. After completing his internship in 2007 he never left, and we hope that he will stay with us for a long time.


Roderick Brakel

A true jack-of-all-trades. That is how Roderick is best described. He grew up in a classic example of a family that specialized in the hospitality trade. Beside his variety of hobbies, including (watching) car racing, sailing, and scuba diving, Roderick also loves the latest gadgets. Roderick started at Basmedia in 2007, after which he developed himself into a true audiovisual professional.


Sipko Dijkstra

There is no mountain high enough for Sipko. Not only does he refuse to avoid obstacles in his work, Sipko is a passionate freerunner and who enjoys the parkour training discipline in his spare time. Are you ready to give him a challenge?


Joost Groeneveld

Joost started working for Basmedia in 2005. Before that, he studied Multimedia Design at the NHL in the Netherlands, and did his internship at Basmedia. In his spare time, Joost loves designing computer games.


Branka Ivanov

Always making sure that everyone can do his work in a pleasant environment, Branka is always ready to make sure everyone feels at home in the office, every day of the week


Ivana Jovanov

Ivana studied to be an executive secretary and passed her exam. She started her career at the municipality Steenwijkerland. In 2011, Ivana switched to Basmedia.


William ten Kate

With over thirty years of experience, William is still up-to-date and young at heart. William can empathize like no other in any given situation. That enables him to transform a message highly creatively into an extremely effective production.